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If you've ever had to let go of a dream to embrace your true passion...

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After an unexpected break, the familiar voice that once filled our ears with laughter, wisdom, and entrepreneurial spirit returns to the airwaves. In the latest episode of the podcast, our host shares a candid account of personal loss, the trials of running a business, and the profound realizations that come with facing life's toughest moments.

The episode begins with a heart-wrenching update. Our host reveals the reason behind the hiatus: the loss of her beloved mother after a courageous battle with glioblastoma, a devastating form of brain cancer. Anyone who has experienced grief will connect with the host's honest portrayal of the pain and the strength found in community support during such times.

But life, with its relentless pace, doesn't pause for our sorrows. The host recounts how, upon returning to Florida from the funeral in California, she threw herself into reviving Sibspring, a gluten-free, soy-free vegan cookie company that had been on hold. The story of Sibspring is one of passion and perseverance, as our host juggles the stress of rebranding, repackaging, and relaunching a business single-handedly.

As the episode unfolds, it becomes clear that the host is at a crossroads. Despite the success of the holiday season and the potential of Sibspring, something doesn't feel quite right. The host shares the internal debate between pursuing a profitable business and following a true calling. This introspective journey is something many entrepreneurs can relate to – the quest for meaning beyond margins.

A new mentor enters the scene, offering a perspective that becomes a catalyst for change. In a poignant moment at a lunch meeting, the mentor's frank yet gentle advice resonates with our host, confirming a feeling that had been growing within. It's a turning point that leads to a bold decision.

The host announces that this will be the last episode of the current podcast. But as one door closes, another opens. With an invigorated sense of purpose, the podcast will be reborn with a new, intentionally long title: "Business Strategies for Small Business Owners, Stay at Home Moms and Dads, and Big Impact Dreamers." The rebranded show promises to be a beacon for entrepreneurs, offering business insights, core belief work, and inspiring stories.

Listeners are invited to embark on this new journey, to find support in their business endeavors and to explore the root of their ambitions. The host's call to action is not just a farewell to the old but an invitation to the new. She asks us to share our struggles, our dreams, and our desires for future episodes.

So, if you've ever faced a difficult decision, if you've ever had to let go of a dream to embrace your true calling, or if you simply love a story of transformation and growth, this episode is for you. Tune in, reflect, and perhaps find the clarity you've been seeking in your own journey.

Listen to the episode now – it might just change the way you think about business, passion, and the pursuit of your dreams.

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